an engineering procurement company

                     conex international corp

CONEX is a northamerican company whose objective is the procurement and logistical support, as a non-exclusive purchasing agent, in the global commercialization of equipment spare parts and materials used in the construction and mining industries. For these purposes, CONEX relies on highly quialified personnel to fulfill the necessity of our international clients.

Our combined experience acquired for almost 25 years in the international purchasing industry, enable us to offer a fast, reliable and competitive  pricing always assurancing the prompt delivery of original products from the most important manufacturers in the United State and around the world.

The concept of logistical support adopted by CONEX is broad. Includes, of course, the phase of locating products and manufacturers, quotation requests, offers analysis, purchasing orders, suppliers payment, expediting delivery times, warehouse and freight forwarders and shipment of the products, everything in accordance with the needs of our clients.

Our goal is to provide an excellent service exceeding the expectations of the international procurement guidelines.

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